How CrediLinq helped an Australian SAAS Marketing Platform Increase Revenue by 20%

About Shopfront

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Romeo, Shopfront is an established SaaS marketing platform in the pharmaceutical industry.  


At its core, Shopfront specializes in designing & executing data-driven marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement. The company offers a bespoke platform that empowers business owners to efficiently manage their digital & print marketing collateral. The holistic platform integrates with the store’s point-of-sale system (POS) & empowers business owners to increase sales & revenue via in-store promotional campaigns


The Vision

Having established itself in the Australian pharmaceutical industry, Shopfront wanted to expand its services & enter a new market – consumer retail.  

The Shopfront team wanted to leverage its experience & design a data-driven marketing solution for retail store owners. Their new online ticketing module would enable business owners to educate & guide customers along the buying journey with informative content, resulting in a positive sales performance.  

To surmount these challenges, the Shopfront team would need to infuse new funds. The founding team wanted to do so without diluting equity or pledging personal collateral.


Professional Design

The Solution

The Shopfront team approached CrediLinq & applied for Recurring Revenue Financing. Post due diligence & expert analysis of their past revenues, a capital amount was approved. The Shopfront team could use this capital to meet its current challenges & share a portion of future revenue as repayment.
Superior Inbound Material

The Outcome

By leveraging the collateral free capital, Shopfront was able to successfully hire new talent, start designing new technology from scratch & most significantly, onboard a new client, which will boost their revenue by more than 20%. Additionally, the founding team was able to extend their runway, preserve their equity & successfully increase their valuation for more investments in the future.

Founder's Quote